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Eleven plants
and one insect

Belgian company Lutea manufactures organic water colours in tubes from eleven plants and one insect. The plants are selected for their beautiful dyes and lightfastness (tested acc. to ISO 105-B02). This is a series for the true connoisseur of beauty and tradition.

And the insect? Of course it is the cochineal, from which we get a genuine Carmine.

More info on the plants:

BLUE / Indigo (Polygonum Tinctoria). From 7000 plants (2500 kg) we get 25 kg Indigo Blue Pigment. (Pihatattaret / Trampört). 29,50 €

ORANGE / Cosmos (Cosmos Sulphureus). From 300 plants we get 15 kg dried flowers. (Keltakosmos / Gullskära). 29,50 €

LIGHT GREEN (Filipendura ulmaria + Indigo). The flowers gleaned in their natural environment. (Mesiangervo / Älggräs / Meadowsweet + Polygonum Tinctoria). 23,80 €

DARK GREEN (Filipendura ulmaria). The flowers are gleaned in their natural environment. (Mesiangervo / Älggräs / Meadowsweet). 23,80 €

BROWN from the husks of Walnut tree (Juglans regia). Husks gleaned by hand in gardens and fields (Saksanpähkinä / Valnöt). 31,50 €

GREY. From the strawberry roots (Fragaria). (Mansikat / Smultron). 31,50 €

YELLOW (Solidago Canadensis). Flowers. (Kultapiisku / Gullris / Goldenrod). 29,50 €

DARK ORGANGE (Thymus). The whole plant is used after the extraction. (Ajuruohot / Timjan / Thyme). 27,20 €

RED (Laque de Garance). Madder lake - Rubia tinctorum. Roots are used. (Värimatara / Krapp / Madder). 23,80 €

PINK (Laque de Garance). Madder lake- Rubia tinctorum. Roots are used. (Värimatara / Krapp / Madder). 27,20 €

VIOLET (Laque de Campèche) . Wood extract from Haematoxylum camp.(Kampetšepuu / Kampeschträd / Logwood). 27,20 €

CARMIN Extract from the cochineal insect. (Kokenillikirva / Sköldlus). 31,50 €

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